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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your estimates Free?

Yes. All of our estimates are free of charge and carry no obligation.

Are you insured and have WCB?

Yes. We are fully insured and have a great standing with WCB. Our WCB number is 772324.

How long will an exterior house cleaning take?

Depending on the size and how heavily soiled your building is, times will vary. A residential property will take ½ day for a full service with a full crew.


What do I need to do to prepare?

For us to complete each job quickly and efficiently we ask the following:

  • Ensure your building’s water is turned on.
  • Unlock any gates so we may have complete access to your property
  • Please remove all items that can be cleared from sides of house. These items restrict us from property servicing you house.
  • Close all windows
  • Remove all window screens, unless previously organized with Maple Washing
  • Please keep any pets inside the house
  • Please pick up any dog waste in the front/ back yard.
  • Make sure all water taps on the outside of your house work and are flowing water.

When should the gutters be cleaned?

Gutters are usually cleaned from October to February depending on when all the leaves have fallen.


When should the windows be cleaned?

Windows are cleaned year round. The peak period for cleaning windows is April through August, and the holiday season.


When should Power Washing be done?

Power Washing is done year round. The peak period for Power Washing is mid March to late October.


How can I stop moss build up on my roof?

For our moss removal procedures please view our services section. Heavy accumulated moss areas due to heavy shade and moisture should be serviced regularly to prevent any roof damage. Further moss prevention can be done by installing zinc strips, trimming back any branches or vines covering the roof. These services can be performed by Maple Washing if requested.


What is PSI?

Pounds per square inch; a unit of measurement referring to the pressure extended on one square inch of an objects surface. Regarding the use of power washers PSI means the measurement of the strength of water coming out of the nozzle.


What is brush washing and why use this service?

Please refer to brush washing in our service section by clicking here.


What are your methods of payment?

Visa, Mastercard (at the time of service), cheque, e-transfer or cash