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Window Washing

window washing

Hand Wash or Tucker Pole?

There are two ways to wash your windows; one way is to hand wash (using a squeegee) while the other way is by tucker pole (telescopic brush).

Don’t worry about making that choice alone as our team handles the whole process from start to finish and our attention to detail is what separates us from our competition.

hand wash windows

Hand Wash

To hand wash windows, Maple Washing will scrape off any stuck on debris, then applicate the window with a soapy streak free water mixture, followed by a professional maneuvered squeegee that will leave the window clean and streak free.

To finish we will wipe the frame surrounding the window for a finished look. This method is recommended for heavily soiled windows.

Brush Wash Windows

Tucker Pole ( Brush Wash )

A tucker pole is a (telescopic brush) that stretches from 8 feet to 45+ feet. This method is common for windows on all levels of a building. Whether, it is a 1 story house or a 4 story building. Brush washing windows allows Maple Washing to wash windows from a ground level that are 4+ stories up with ease. Brush washing windows is a more cost effective way of washing windows. The tucker pole will wash the windows sufficiently though it will not be able to remove anything that is beyond a brushes capability.

Having your windows hand washed is comparable to having your car washed by hand. Every water mark and bit of dirt will be gone. Your windows will be spotless. Having your windows washed by tucker pole is comparable to having your car washed by a touch less car wash. Some water marks might remain. Your windows will be clean but there is a chance for a few light water marks.

Gutter Cleaning

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